Some ways to dress beautiful prom dresses

Published: 15th December 2011
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Even if you are not an expert sewer, you can choose a style of prom dress that is easy, and will still leave you standing out in the crowd and you can say you did it yourself, or don't tell anyone at all and they will never know.
This Butterick pattern is an excellent example of how different dresses can be made from just one pattern. The other option you have, is, if you are lucky enough to have a family member or friend that is a sewer and have them sew the dress, with the idea that you can pick the style and fabric and of course the fit, that best suits your figure and your taste.
Let's get started.
The first step
to take a prom dress, (if you don't already know what you want), is to go online and search for images of prom dresses that give you inspiration. Copy and paste your choices in a word document and use this to refer to when looking for patterns. I found this dress and thought it was beautiful. Although I am an advanced sewer, I chose this style, because it is easy and still gives the "wow" factor when you where it.
The second step
to take, is to go online again and search the big pattern companies for prom dress sewing patterns that are available. You will find appropriate dresses, under the labels of evening wear, bridal, special occasion, prom etc. Below are the links, so click the links and search for a pattern.
Note: I have added Kwik Sew to the list because they do carry some dress patterns that may appeal to some, however, Kwik Sew doesn’t seem to have the same variety of special occasion dresses that the other companies have. This is the easiest way to take a look at all the styles available in the comfort of your home.
Even if you choose to go to the fabric store to buy your pattern and fabric, looking online first is a more convenient way to look at what is available. However, you can purchase sewing patterns and fabric right on line as well.
Another tip to help you decide if you would choose a style, I like to go to .
Here you can search for garments that people have already made. Keep in mind there are sewers of all levels of sewing capability that add to this site, therefore, their skill level may not be as professional as some sewers, but it is still a very good reference. It will give you ideas and show you can design your own prom dress. On the home page of pattern, click on review gallery. Here you can filter your search by pattern #, pattern company and garment category. From the drop down list choose formal wear. Occasionally you will not find any reviews for a particular pattern search, however, it is not very often, as there are thousands of reviews added regularly. When choosing a style of prom dress, don't forget to think about embellishments.
Nowadays, you can find almost anything online; prom dresses are no exception! I am personally a huge fan of online shopping. Don't get me wrong, I still love going to the mall with friends and trying on clothes, shopping the bargains and discovering the perfect shoes on the shelf. But you still can't beat the convenience of online shopping, especially when the retailer offers a coupon code for free shipping or some other discount.
So that brings us to the question at hand: what about buying your prom dress online?
My advice to you is NO WAY!
Please allow me to strongly discourage you from going this route. Run far, far away from online prom dresses. There are many beautiful robes de soirée in the stores; buy them there! Of course, I am speaking from a biased point of view. You see, I have first-hand experience with purchasing a prom dress online.
It was my senior prom, and I had found a cute, pink ball gown robe de soirée online that I had fallen in love with. It looked great on the screen, I could envision wearing it, and it was a great price. Despite my mom's better judgment, I convinced her that this was the perfect dress, and she agreed to purchase it for me.

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